Full Mouth Reconstruction


Dr. Levingart performs Full Mouth Reconstructions to transform the way you look and feel. Often, it consists of the following:

  • Restoring missing teeth

  • Replacing fillings and crowns

  • Repairing chipped or decayed teeth

  • Whitening teeth

  • Aligning the bite

  • Changing the contour of the teeth or gums

  • Periodontal disease treatment

  • Gum or bone grafts

The Phases Of Rejuvenation Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • All old dentistry is removed

  • Decay is eliminated

  • Periodontal disease is treated

  • Foundations or build ups are prepared

  • Impressions are taken of your teeth

  • The Master Ceramicist creates your custom restorations

  • Dr. Levingart places your restorations

Please reach out to our front desk to schedule a private office visit for more information on your Full Smile Rejuvenation.


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